(2022) Promise and Influence of Whitlam’s Foreign Policy

On one view, Gough Whitlam was a passing flash, whose government was not around long enough to have had an appreciable impact on Australian foreign policy. On another, Whitlam’s foreign policy changes were immense and long lasting. This chapter, necessarily briefly, discusses the promise, creativity, problems, and influence of Whitlam’s foreign policy. Through such analysis, mature reflection on Australia’s legacy in relation to its obligations to and treatment of our alliances, commitment to the region, and human rights is enabled.

(2020) China’s Ambition: How Far Can They Go?

Welcome, everyone. Today’s topic is much anticipated – China’s Ambition: How Far Can They Go? We are joined by a very distinguished panel – former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott; Business China CEO and Singapore MP Tin Pei Ling; Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, The Honourable Tobias Ellwood; security correspondent and famous Israeli journalist Yossi Melman; and University of Sydney and Hudson Institute academic, Dr. John Lee.