(2021) Memoirs of a Cold War Warrior

This is a lucid and interesting story by Keith Harvey: From university activist in the Democrat Club at Monash University in the early 1970s, gradual attraction to the ideals and works of the National Civic Council (NCC), conversion to Catholicism, marriage, children, recruitment to the anti-communist union cause, union work, including the Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) in 1977-78 (it did not end well), then the Federated Clerks Union (FCU) to retirement, and attraction to the ideals of the Australian Labor Party in coalition with Christians concerned with social justice.

(2021) Israel and the Apartheid Slur

The relentless demonising and delegitimising of Israel continues apace. With so many references in the media, in hard and far-Left publications, on university campuses and in public discourse generally, to Israel’s alleged practice of apartheid, it is timely to evaluate the substance of the claim, assess the origin of the slur, and consider whether there is any merit in the use of the word.