(2023) ‘In the weeds, in the game’. A Searching History of Macquarie Bank  

Review of Joyce Moullakis’ and Chris Wright’s The Millionaires’ Factory: The Inside Story of How Macquarie Became a Global Giant, Allen & Unwin, Australian Book Review, No. 453, May 2023, pp. 18-20.  Respected, not always loved, Macquarie is an exceptional “Australian and global financial success story”. So says Steve Harker, a rival investment banker from…

(2022) Energy Policy and Labor’s Future

When Labor’s 2030 climate change policy, Powering Australia, was released early last December, relief by Labor supporters followed a fresh reckoning for the author – one of the ablest in Labor’s ranks, Chris Bowen, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy and Member for McMahon in Sydney’s west. In Australian politics, never has “McMahon” been linked to clever policy development.