Photo from an ACTU delegation’s visit to Japan in 1989. In the frame are Tom Barton (then Assistant Secretary, Queensland Trades and Labor Council, later a State MP in Queensland, 1992 to 2006, and a Queensland government minister, 1998 to 2006), Michael Easson and Michael McLeod, recently appointed ACTU International Affairs Officer (who was ex-Labor Council of NSW).

(1990) Economic Directions in the 1990s: Japanese-Australian Dialogue

Thank you for this in­vitation to talk about a few ideas. In looking at Japan, in looking at the experience of the Japanese economy and the industrial relations system of Japan, it is interesting for an Australian trade union official to think about ‘how did Japan achieve the economic successes that it has over the last three decades?’ and ‘what lessons there might be there that are applicable to Australia?’