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(1992) Let’s Not Repeat Our Immigration Mistakes

Anyone who knows Gerry Hand is aware of his sincerity and his integrity. Immigration, thanks to the recession and the evaporation of the post-war consensus that “Immigration is a good thing”, is looming as a significant political issue – and the Opposition’s opportunistic approach doesn’t help the debate focus on some of the crunch issues. In 1992, it is hardly a “plum job” to be Minister for Immigration.

The front cover of the report (from the State Library of NSW copy).

(1992) Review and Recommendations in Relation to the Role and Function of Corrective Services Industries

The role of the Corrective Services Industries provides an important step in the rehabilitation of inmates to enable them, on release, to have an opportunity to engage in full time work. The scheme provides inmate employees with access to skills which will be marketable to industry, enhances self-esteem and provides an understanding of the nature of the work environment and requisite social interaction.

(1990) Introduction to Australia and Immigration: Able to Grow?

(1990) Introduction to Australia and Immigration: Able to Grow?

In 1990 there were many reminders that the post-war consensus about immigration to Australia no longer existed. Some spokespeople from all of the major parties were critical about some aspect of the immigration intake. The government decided to reduce the target of 140,000 – set after the Fitzgerald Committee review of Australia’s immigration policies – down to 125,000 for 1990-91.